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Resolving Bias in Laser Ablation Geochronology Workshop on Data Handling in LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb Geochronology: Charleston, South Carolina, USA, 6-8 March, 2013

CIRDLES hosted a 3-day NSF-funded workshop focusing on the impact of data processing procedures for LA-ICPMS U-Th-Pb data at the College of Charleston in March. Twenty-nine scientists from eleven countries across four continents attended the meeting and designed an experiment to compare data processing packages, including our own U-Pb_Redux, resolved to collate a package of reference materials to be used for validation reporting, and to create an open library of reference values for each reference material. Participants agreed to map out the U-Pb performance across the various laser ablation cells used by the community, cathodoluminescence image reference materials to isolate poorly performing sectors, and openly report validation data to highlight apparent biases and allow geoscientists to evaluate the method.