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U-Pb data processing begins with Tripoli, which imports raw mass spectrometer data files and supports interactive review and archiving of isotopic data. Tripoli facilitates visualization of temporal trends and scatter during measurement, statistically rigorous filtering of data, and calculation of statistical parameters. Tripoli recognizes and reads data files generated by the Sector 54, Isoprobe, and Triton mass spectrometers, among others. In addition, Tripoli permits ratio-by-ratio U and Pb fractionation correction using a double spike, as well as automatic U oxide correction. Each lab may customize their copy of Tripoli by entry of tracer and oxygen isotopic compositions, and certified EARTHTIME tracer data are provided online. In addition, Tripoli can be used to archive and analyze long-term reproducibility of isotopic standards and gains.

Tripoli is designed to export this user-reviewed isotopic data to data reduction software, recording the oxide and fractionation corrections applied. Tripoli also provides for the creation, import and export of utilized tracers as XML files, streamlining dataflow and preventing contradictory inputs. Tripoli can export cell data for PbMacDat and will communicate in realtime with ET_Redux using a publish-subscribe protocol.